Cable Cook  House
cable cook house in sayward bc. coffee shop, cafe,


Cablecook House is where travellers, locals, groups and even tour buses have been stopping and dining for years. Folks around here call it the Cable Cafe, and to them there is nowhere else to eat out. Whether it's a light snack or a full course meal, our at the Cable Cafe has something for everyone. Breakfast, dinner and supper, coffee and deserts.
So stop by and see and have a taste for yourself. 



History of the Cable Cafe'
The Cable Cafe' is a steel frame building bolted to a cement base. The entire walls are is covered with used logging cable, mostly 2" "skyline" right hand lay, with a strip of left hand lay cable around the center. The gable ends are constructed of 1 3/8" and 1 1/2" cable. There is approximately 8,200 feet of wire rope welded to the channel iron frame of the structure. The weight of these walls is an impressive 26 tons.
Sandblasting removed the the rust from the cable and it was then coated with Polylite, a plastic covering. The exterior gable ends were left in their original rusty condition and coated with a clear acrylic. The inside gables were painted with a mixture of bronze powder and varnish.

A very impressive building that is well worth the drive to take a look. We'll see you for supper soon.

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